Our mission is to enable our utility clients to improve performance results by adapting the best practices of world-class companies.

We are currently planning three best-practices initiatives:
Managing the Grid Transformation Process to a Winning Reality
Second Half of 2020
Learn first-hand how to manage smarter and faster navigation of the path to successful grid transformation outcomes from companies that have successfully capitalized on major business-model change opportunities. 
Eliminating High-Hazard Deaths and Injuries—Winter 2020-2021

Learn first-hand how world-class safety companies are able to sustain greatly reduced occupational deaths, permanent disabilities and soft-tissue injuries.


Asking the Right Disaster Risk-Mitigation Questions—Fall 2021


Learn first-hand how world-class companies ask the crucial risk-mitigation questions to minimize the impacts of potential disasters.

Contact Ron Doades for more details on any of these planned best-practices initiatives: rdoades@doadesco.com.

“We manage employee health and safety as a business investment."

~John Deere


"Working with Ron Doades on best practices is itself a best practice.”

~Senior Vice President of a Large Midwestern Utility

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