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Our mission is to enable our utility clients to improve performance results by adapting the best practices of world-class companies.

We are currently planning three best-practices initiatives:
Managing the Grid Transformation Process to a Winning Reality
Fall 2019
This issue will be addressed by first-hand learnings from the experiences of leading non-utility companies that have successfully managed similar major business model transformations.
No matter what electricity service role an individual utility may choose, the impact on how utilities are managed--systems, practices, processes, managerial skills--will change significantly. The big winners in this new business model environment will likely be those that can move smartly and expeditiously to understand and capitalize on new opportunities presented by dynamic business, market and management model changes.
Managing Employee Health & Safety as a Business—Winter 2019-2020

Leading companies are able to make the business case for corporate health and safety resources and effectively manage those resources.


This is the primary issue we will be addressing in our planned best-practices initiative.


Managing Your Unique Disaster Risks—Spring 2020


Some utilities experience great unforeseen challenges in responding to environmental disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, etc). Why is this so? The apparent answer is: each utility has a unique operating environment accompanied by unique disaster and hazard risks. Existing emergency management plans and procedures, while comprehensive, are often generically based, focusing more on the common features across many companies, while failing to adequately prepare for the unique challenges of the particular utility's situation (e.g. culture, environmental factors, decision-making processes, leadership styles, accessibility to supplemental response resources...). This initiative will seek to learn how leading nonutilities are able to successfully prepare for a wide range of unique disaster situations.

Contact Ron Doades for more details on any of these planned best-practices initiatives: rdoades@doadesco.com.

“We manage employee health and safety as a business investment."

~John Deere


"Working with Ron Doades on best practices is itself a best practice.”

~Senior Vice President of a Large Midwestern Utility